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Playing with new toy

Yes I took a picture of my sundae, I wanted to see how the camera worked.

Mother has to go to the hospital for day surgery, I packed both breakfast and lunch for myself.

Here is all of the containers I used. I have some pink lemon-aid and iced chai to drink. The large pink bottle has water in it. the small mushroom box has some meds in it.

Breakfast- eggs and pancakes. The eggs are the tamago receipe, so I prefer them cold.

Lunch- hot dogs and macaroni salad.

Lunch- green salad with ranch vinagerette

Extra snack- funky ants on a log. Peanut butter with chocolate sprinkles and celery

And all the extra stuff, apple butter and jam for the pancakes and honey mustard dipping sauce for the hot dogs. I throw them into a smaller box just to keep them together.

Sorry about the picture heavy post. I'm still working on how the everything works.
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