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Playing with new toy

Yes I took a picture of my sundae, I wanted to see how the camera worked.

Mother has to go to the hospital for day surgery, I packed both breakfast and lunch for myself.
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Sorry about the picture heavy post. I'm still working on how the everything works.


It is about three months late. . .

But here are some pictures of my birthday cake. I make a yellow cake and added gluten-free oreos to it.


I think I have about five stories I'm working on right now. Oh well.
Here is the beginning.
Bella stared into the fireplace, her brothers had visited her that morning with they children. After a bit one of the panda monks wandered
in to the great room.
"Bella, what is bothering you today?"
Bella shrugged at Chen. "Not much, Just missing Mama."
Chen hugged her, "It gets better."
Shwan stuck his head into the room. "Time to go Chen."
"Coming brother"
After the brothers left, Bella walked out to the garden. Just as she exited the guild, the sky changed colors. A female worgen dropped into a nearby pool.
Getting out she shook. "Dang-it. That wasn't a good landing." The worgen glanced around, noticing Bella, she asked, "Do you know of a warlock named Gabrieva?"
"Yes. . .?" Bella replied.
"Where can I find her?"
"She, um, sleeping. She has a hard time remember things. Aunt Diedre says she maybe joining my mommy with the light soon."
The worgen flatten her ears. "Well time for plan B."
"Plan B?" Bella blinked at the worgen. "What do you mean, plan B?"
The worgen sighed, "I had been hoping to get help from Gabby, So maybe you can help me. I need to find an amulet."
Bella looked back at the guild house. "I don't leave here very much."
"Why not?"
Bella just shrugged. "Don't know. It has always been like that. What is your name?"
"Leoneve, Most call me Leo." Leo blinked at Bella.
"Yea, I'm Bella, well Isabella."


A really weird idea

and it wouldn't get out of my head.
Bella sighed as her mother tried to grabbed both of her brothers. Verievia had brought all three of her children to the Darkmoon Faire, as a family outing and the warrior was now chasing down her two sons.
The draenei cross wandered around a tent and walked thru the trees for a bit. After a bit she cam across an undead sitting by a cart.
"Hello dearie, I'm Rona Greenteeth."
"Now what are you doing all the way out here, little one. Are you hungry?"
"I'm just wanted to explore. Do you live out here?"
"Not all the time, sweetie." The forsaken smiled at Bella.
A deeper voice call out from closer to the faire. "Bella, Isabella, where did you wonder off to?"
"Chen, Wan, come meet my new friend" Bella ran around the tree to the two pandas.
One brother sighed, "you're mother is very worried about you. Let us just go and see her real quick and then we can meet you new friend,alright?"
The draenei worgen cross pouted at the brothers but followed them back to the main part of the faire.


Brain Dump- 05/04/2018

There are pictures of my birthday cake on my camera but I haven't gotten them off yet.
Does anyone know if thirty-five is too early for a midlife crisis? Or am I just figure a few things out now that I should have figured out long ago.  As the end of March, I lose my health insurance, so I am trying to decide if I want to stop my meds or find another source for the proscription. I'm having issues with headaches again, but they maybe stress related.
As for my mood regulating, it isn't going very well. I may look at a local free clinic to get some help there. I'm wondering if I maybe having problems with depression. I have always though I had anxiety issues but these feel more like something else. And one of my cousins did kill themselves.
Sorry about the blah post, hopefully I'll have something fun soon.


Ayden, 01/04/2007- 01/10/2018

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The ones above are though out his life. According to Sister, the very first picture was the day she decided to bring him home.
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Happy Holidays

Sorry about not posting a bit more often.
Right before Thanksgiving, I was given some not so great news. Ayden has cancer and it is in his nose. At this point there is nothing anyone can do. I do give him quite a bit of meds to help him breath, but at this point it is only time before his nose completely closes off. Sister and I both agree to put him to sleep before it gets that bad.
Then on Saturday, nine days before Christmas, I started to run a low grade fever. At the time I thought that it was just a cold, but by the time Monday came around my head hurt so bad that I just wanted to remove it. I did go to the doctor and she took one look at what I was feeling and me and she could tell that I had a sinus infection. I'm feeling alright now, not too fond of all the meds I'm on to get rid of it however.
Tomorrow is going to be just as much fun, as I go to the dentist to have two teeth removed and another filled.
On a plus side, I did finish all my christmas shopping this year and it is all wrapped and 'under' the tree. Well all of mine are but I got a lot of gift cards so envelopes fit nicely. Most of everyone elses are around on the floor or windowsill. Next year will be easier. For once Mother agreed to something without much of a fight. I do need to run it by my Aunt, but I don't think it will be too much of a problem with her. As it stands we are going to do a secret santa, So we draw a name and that is who we are shopping for. There is a budget set and brother will still comply the lists for us. There are a few kinks that still need to be worked out so I'm hoping Aunt will have a few ideas. I don't know if we will draw after Christmas or later

The micro holiday - Moonkin Festival

Solive is in moonkin Form surrounded by 5 baby moonkins. I got five for 'finishing the quest line'. I also have them for five days.


it is just a bit silly

Second generation and Fey. I love Bella.
The snippitCollapse )
Alexander(Zander) and Nicholas(Nick) are Bella's younger brothers. Both are a human and Verievia cross.
Gabby is retired. Not sure were anyone else was.

Not sure where this came from, but I like it so I typed it down. I need something other to think about on a 45 minute drive, maybe?


A life update.

After having a bit of time talking to Fey, I have been working out some plans for the next few years. Nothing too big right now, but ideas to be worked on. I'm still working on a budget that works for me. If anyone has any ideas, please let me know.
I did set up a dentist appointment for November. I think in December I'll work on a doctor's appointment. Glasses might have to wait until the new year. I'm getting Ayd to a groomer in December and I might see a hair dresser as well.
Sister and I maybe figure out Ayd's meds. He has been breathing a bit easier on his new allergy meds. I have put the humitifer up in the room, as I have already gotten a nose bleed.
As for the bet Sister, Mother and I have going, I'm in last place. That is liable to change, however. I really hope it does.