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And now for something completely different.

Solive stretched to lie by the fire. Most of the guild had scattered around as their did their own things. Bella wandered from person to person, So Solive let her thoughts follow her.
And first we got Vives, sleeping against Amalis. I’m wondering if she feels alright. As far as I can tell she hasn’t done too much away from the guild. Although Amalis is also sleeping on Diedre, so I guess the two have been keeping them up a lot.
Now we’re off to Shwanti and his brother. They haven’t been in the guild hall very much. I wonder if they miss Sadao now that she left.
And now to mommy. Verievia is also sleeping, Maybe it is the weather. I’m still not sure if she has the instinct to be maternal.  Oh well, I think they said she couldn’t have any more.
Next up is the resident ‘demon puppy’. Hehe. Now we talk about ironic. Gabby took to mothering the two she found. I think she will make a great mom. And it looks like one is getting a new shirt, its blue so probably Derek.
And Bella wonders over to the other warlock. As far as I can tell she is just strange.
Moving on. Time to crash into Triirus and Thbreda. Not sure what they are talking about, but hey they are awake and shooing her away. Must be dork talk.
Right into the non-related elf, Athena. She is just glaring at the two boys; well I think she is older than Amalis and her twin. Not sure about Tiirus, maybe? Thankfully she just smiles at Bella and pulls all her hair to the top of her head. Bella still like to chew on stuff.
Bells is heading my way. Just as Solive finished that thought Bella climbed on top of the druid in cat form.
“Bella, you getting heavy.” Solive grunted.
I still have to look up my old panda name for spelling. This just came to me cuddling with Ayd.


and this is very random. . .

I spent two days fishing on a low level character and to finish the fishing quest at the faire, she managed to fish up:
Tattered Cloth- 3
Torn Sail- 30
Empty Rum Bottle- 38
Withered Kelp- 28
Driftwood- 31
Tangled Fishing Line- 32
Empty Clams- 36
After all that, I learned that skills, money, and levels are capped in what they called starter edition.
I appearently need something, a life maybe?


Bagel thins don't make a half bad grilled cheese sandwich. Still working out how to start reducing the amount of dairy I have been consuming. Might stich to panini style sandwich thou, less greasy. Either way, I want to find a different binder (not cheese)
I got curious about Kingdom Hearts games. So after spending about two weeks watching a walkthrough of FF7, I hoped KH would be shorter. I found some people make a 'movie' of the game. Basicly all the cutscenes from the game. It help me get a bit of an understand of the game without watching EVERYTHING. With that in mind Kingdom Hearts 2 is still 13 hours long. It kinda makes me wonder how long the game is.
Between my sister and I, we got a laundry basket of Movies I'm trying to turn into Amazon. I can't just sell them, I'm not a vender or liquidater. This might take a little while.
My insomnia has been a bitch. I think it might have to do with my 'meds'. I have been slowly reducing the amount I take. I just stop with my allergy meds, so I'll see how that goes. Hell, Ayd takes more meds that I do.
Alright, I want sleep. See ya.

Youtube of Music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wEFh8TFZL2Y&t=2210s&spfreload=1


Okaayy. . .

Apparently, I'm getting bored. Theme fits though, I haven't had any inspiration for any stories.


Brains. . .

Ironicly, there is no zombie mood, because that is what I feel like most of the time lately.

The RantCollapse )

I think it is time to face plant.

Music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7LEmer7wwHI


I took a quiz and. . .

this is my class/race.
MeCollapse )


Wireless, unpacked

Just because I felt like a dork today.

Tower is online now


Brain Dump (04/10/2017)

Suprisingly, the mood thing doesn't have sticky. And typing it made me decide that it might be a good thing, it sounds just wrong. (to be fair, I have been reading yoai lately)
The weather went from 55/35 to 80/65. That is over the course of 3 DAYS. Mom decided that we didn't need the air today, but it might be going on tomorrow.
Still job hunting. I'm thinking if I don't hear anything back soon, I might go over to the office in Morehead and talk to someone over there. Maybe look into an office job.
My sister took Ayden in for his yearly stuff. Shots are done and she should hear back about his bloodwork tomorrow as well. We are getting a full seinor panel done this year. We figured it would be a good idea, as he is on a daily anti-inflamitory/sterode.
And it's time to join Ayd in dreamland.


I'm warped.


I've been watching Voltron, the reboot from 2016, and stumbed across this.


Fun time

I think this is the true meaning of being an alchemist. It was even funnier without a mount.